Axel St. Patience Opens Up About Losing His Little Sister To The Opioid Epidemic In New Song, “At the Ocean”

“Recording and producing it was just too hard.”

Axel St. Patience bathed in Red Light

Axel St. Patience’s newest single, “At the Ocean,” is set for release on all digital streaming services on August 5th, and it’s his most personal release to date. In August 2018, St. Patience suffered the devastating loss of his little sister to the opioid epidemic. Later, he and his family honored his sister’s wishes by scattering her ashes in the ocean at Port Aransas, Texas, and it’s the same waters that St. Patience sings about in the upcoming release. 

“Creating this song wasn’t an easy process,” the singer said in a recent interview. “I wrote it four years ago very soon after my sister died, but recording and producing it was just too hard. I still had so much grief weighing on every ounce of my body, and it felt like I was going to crumble. But after spending a lot of time in grief therapy, I realized I was ready to open up and use my art as a medium for healing. And I hope this song can help heal some pain for anyone else dealing with similar emotions.”

This release comes after St. Patience’s song, “Kill Me With Your Touch,” struck a chord and earned the artist a small but passionate following. “I was so grateful that people resonated with the song even though it was so sad and depressing. I think the way it was received gave me courage to own my feelings – no matter how big or scary – and really helped pave the way for this song and the associated EP.” 

The EP – eponymously titled At the Ocean – is set for release two weeks after this upcoming single on August 19th. “This 7-song project is really personal and was honestly terrifying to make, but the process has been an immensely healing one. My sister’s been gone for four years now, and this feels like my long overdue love letter to her.” 

You can listen to the single, “At the Ocean,” on August 5th wherever you stream music, and the following EP will be dropping on August 19th.

Axel St. Patience bathed in Red Light

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The ocean is a vast and lonely place yet its call is magnetic. In “At the Ocean,” Axel St. Patience ruminates on grief after experiencing the devastating loss of his little sister to the opioid epidemic. It was in the ocean that her ashes were scattered, and it’s at the ocean where St. Patience feels closest to her memory. Fusing mournful piano with hard-hitting trap beats and analog synthesis, this song creates a new space in pop music where loss, pain, and vulnerability are transformed into strength. 


Axel St. Patience is a witch-pop artist with a taste for the unorthodox and avant-garde. For the past four years, St. Patience has been based in Brooklyn but hails from Austin, TX, where he first began writing, producing, and recording music. Branching away from his saccharine-sweet pop origins, he’s currently a highlight in the Brooklyn queer underground music scene where he’s lauded for his bewitching tenor vocals paired with his live-looping talents, hard-hitting sound design, and experimentation with granular synthesis.